Your branding, corporate identity and logo design all have different roles, when together, form the image of your business or product. The brand is the perceived corporate image in its entirety; whereas, the identity consists of the visual aspects that collectively contribute to the overall brand. And the logo identifies your business in its simplest form by the use of a graphical mark or symbol.

Sean John

Creative Branding & Identity

A company’s brand and identity is fundamental to its consumer recognition and should differentiate from its competitors. A brand identity is an outward expression of a brand that carries its “personality”, “culture” and “consumer values” which extends from logo, web, print, package design to advertising. We make sure that the brand is consistent across the board. Colors are treated with great sensitivity. A company’s brand color should represent the message it is trying to convey about itself.

Creative Direction

Creative Direction & Production of Photoshoots

We are highly skilled in the pre-production, production and post-production of photoshoots. Our process involves meeting with the client to discuss the campaign and conceptualize the ideas for project. We recommend and select the photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, groomers and prop stylists to help execute the vision of the project. Then we art direct the photoshoot on-site. After the images are processed, we work directly with the photographer is narrowing the photo selections.



We specialize in high-end digital retouching and photo manipulation. With a combination of modern technical expertise and a traditional fine arts background, we can tackle most of your challenging projects. We have extensive experience in multi-image composites, complex channel masking, conversions and flesh tones. We work with all budgets and provide a service that any photographer / art director will be pleased in regards to quality and service.


Packaging & Display Design

In packaging and display design, we take graphic design into the world of the five senses. Its important to know the target audience and consumer before the brainstorming process as it is with any realm of communication design. We make sure your product stands out from its competitors. We have many years of experience in working with beauty and hair products, clothing, food, music, entertainment and alcohol companies, amongst many others.


Advertising (Print & Digital)

We provide extraordinary concepts and creative thinking to our clients. Creative ideas have great power. In advertising, “creative” is a process. Through targeting brainstorming, we find simple solutions to complex branding problems. We provide innovative advertising campaigns that inspire consumers to think of products and services in entirely new ways. We have a great team of copywriters, art directors, illustrators and photographers that are dedicated in making our clients stand out in the marketplace.



We believe the written word is a powerful tool. It can inform the uninformed. It can stir up emotions. And it can cause controversy. But most importanly, it can motivate (both to buy and sell). Here at Akzas™ , we combine the ability to put all of these dynamic traits into one creative ball. Yes, we know when to go for the jugular but we also know when to hold back. Yet, everything we do packs a punch. Just leave the creative messaging in our hands.

Logo Development

Logo Development

A logo is a graphical element (ideogram, symbol, icon, sign) often mixed with its logotype (a unique typeface or arrangement of letters) that form the company’s brand name or trademark. Ideograms are much more helpful than just logotypes when logos are being translated into other languages. When designing logos, we think long-term. Its counterproductive to frequently redesign logos. Because we are branding experts and we think about the long-term usage of logos, we design logos that can easily be reproduced at a range of sizes for all media applications.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design & Illustration

One of the reasons people come to us is to create very custom graphic images and design. Our work can not be easily replicated. We create custom pieces either by hand or digitally via Illustrator or Photoshop. Depending on the client’s request, we can apply a 3D or motion effect to graphic elements as well. We use various graphic design applications.

Clothing Design

Clothing Graphics

Brand your business, school, club, team or create your own apparel using innovative and custom graphics. We work with various screen printers and embroiders. We have many years of experience in the fashion business.

Editorial Design

Editorial Design

Editorial design is a branch of graphic design that requires knowledge in layout, composition and production design. Graphics must follow an aesthetic line which is directly related to each publication’s concept, considers printing and the readability for readers. We aim to accomplish a unit among the text, the graphic and layout so as to convey the content message efficiently, give the design an aesthetic value and improve the publication’s commercial potential.

Print Work

Print Work

We work with numerous printers including eco-friendly printers around the world and have many years of experience in designing for print. We can also work hand in hand with the printer of your choice. We cater to your needs and recommend the best solutions for your needs and budget.

Website Design

Website, Evite, Microsite &
Newsletter Design

A website is an extension of your brand and should communicate an “experience” based on what the company’s brand is. Cheap looking websites make a company “look” cheap. We create our websites from scratch and incorporate innovative design techniques based on your brand’s needs. We code valid CSS and XHTML which helps on many levels such as loading faster, being understood by search engine spiders that work on all browsers. Websites are categorized under 2 different types: Static website and dynamic website.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines. We target different kinds of search including image search, local search and industry-specific vertical search engines. We edit our content and HTML coding too increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Keyword optimized content is important. We can help you write content that is clear and search-engine-spider friendly.



Web usability is an approach to make websites easy to use for the user, without requiring him or her to have any specialized training. Usability incorporates a range of web user-friendly experience elements such as the way the user’s eyes flow through your site layout, the ease of navigation on site, having valid CSS and XHTML for fast loading pages, content changes and SEO. We can set up a software to track the flow of every click your user makes. We like to build your site to allow for additions without having redesign. The user’s experience starts with the first impression of your site which is directly related to the branding of your company.

Project Management

Strategic Planning &
Project Management

Producing creative projects within budget and projected timeframe is of high importance to us. We have a department dedicated to this service as needed, dependent on the scale and/or complexity of the project.